Ms Xolelwa Gwele

She’s qualified in Cost and Management Accounting.

Ms Nothando Ngcobo

She’s qualified in Financial Accounting. She has five years experience working in an Accounting firm. She will soon write her SAIPA Board Exams.

Ms Fundile Ngcobo

She’s qualified in Cost and Management Accounting. She has 4 years of experience working in an Accounting firm.


Professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, customer service, continuous development are few of many objectives that are a constant motivator in our minds. Our driving force is the desire and hunger to see start ups and small businesses growing. We know when this happens, employment opportunities are created. BKK Services (Pty) Ltd cherishes humble beginnings because our motto is “Everything Big today, Started Off Small”.

We are also passionate about assisting established entities in handling their books. We understand the day to day running of a business that may result in the most critical things being left to the last minute, eg bookkeeping or just proper administration of the business’ paperwork. As BKK Services, we would gladly jump in and assist at affordable rates.